A Story for the First Sunday of Christmas

Rev. Beth Gedert

This morning, I am starting a new tradition of foregoing a sermon on the Sunday after Christmas in favor of a story. Although, really, we read a story every week when we read our Scripture. The genre of our sacred texts include poetry, origin story, philosophy, personal letters, spiritual biography, and others. It includes a little persuasive rhetoric, but much more narrative. And all together, the Bible is one big story. Stories reminds us that truth is more than hard facts. Many stories are true, even if they aren't factual. Stories open our minds to new possibilities by inviting us to think differently, creatively. You never know what kind of truth may follow the tantalizing words, "Once upon a time." This morning, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy an experience you may not have had in a long time. Someone is gong to read you a story. This is "God's Daring Plan," by Barbara Brown Taylor.

Barbara Brown Taylor, "God's Daring Plan," Bread of Angels (Boston: Cowley Publications, 1997), 31-35.

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Recent Message

Rev. Beth Gedert

A few weeks ago we read the origin story of Jesus from Joseph's perspective and realized that Immanuel means "love with us." On Christmas Eve we mixed all our gospel stories together in one bowl, which is what we usually do. But really they are very different. From now until Easter, we are going to focus our discussions on the gospel according to Matthew. The genre of gospel is something unique in literature. It's not a novel, but it's also not a strict biography. The gospels are not concerned with the hard facts about the life of Jesus of Nazareth. They are concerned with the meaning of Jesus the Messiah as an event in the world. And it's important that we know the difference so that we approach these stories the right way. Matthew's gospel was written 30 to 60 years after Jesus died. Everything that is remembered about Jesus is colored by the truth of his resurrection and what his followers are doing in the world.