A Story for the First Sunday of Christmas

Rev. Beth Gedert

This morning, I am starting a new tradition of foregoing a sermon on the Sunday after Christmas in favor of a story. Although, really, we read a story every week when we read our Scripture. The genre of our sacred texts include poetry, origin story, philosophy, personal letters, spiritual biography, and others. It includes a little persuasive rhetoric, but much more narrative. And all together, the Bible is one big story. Stories reminds us that truth is more than hard facts. Many stories are true, even if they aren't factual. Stories open our minds to new possibilities by inviting us to think differently, creatively. You never know what kind of truth may follow the tantalizing words, "Once upon a time." This morning, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy an experience you may not have had in a long time. Someone is gong to read you a story. This is "God's Daring Plan," by Barbara Brown Taylor.

Barbara Brown Taylor, "God's Daring Plan," Bread of Angels (Boston: Cowley Publications, 1997), 31-35.

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Recent Message

Rev. Beth Gedert

This morning we begin a six-week series on the book of Romans. Perhaps no book in the whole Bible has been as influential and as controversial as Romans. And the same goes for its author, the Apostle Paul. Most people either love him or hate him. Guess what? As always, black and white answers are too easy. First of all the apostle Paul was a human being just like all of us. He is not just one thing. He has strengths and he has flaws. His theology, especially his expectation of Christ's return, evolves throughout his writing. He was a deeply religious and observant Jewish man, and a flame-throwing reformer. He wrote at least seven books of the New Testament, and as many as six more were written in his name by people who learned from him. Romans is one of his latest letters and there's a few important things to keep in mind as we study it. The first one is that at this point, nobody had heard of Christianity, including Paul.